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UNCuyo promotes policies aimed at advancing internationalization and the integration of exchange students into our community. For this purpose, UNCuyo has implemented different programs focused on language, socio-cultural integration, and social services, among others.


The I’m International course is offered to our new arrivals. The purpose of the course is to provide foreign students with detailed information about the country and its culture for them to get a feel for Argentina and Mendoza. This on-line course is made up of 6 modules:

Social Sciences: Geography and History

Wine and wine consumption

Civic Education



Artistic Expressions


The objective of this Program is to offer exchange students an opportunity to interact closely and directly with our local reality. Through this Program, students can engage in social practices and serve different local communities.

If you are a foreign student and you want to take part in these activities, you can volunteer. At the end of the activity, you will receive a certificate listing the number of hours you have completed.

Watch the following video to learn about other students’ experiences.


Under this Program, a full-time UNCuyo student is assigned as tutor to a foreign student. After receiving his or her Admission Letter, the foreign student can opt whether or not to have a tutor.

Tutors collaborate and guide foreign students throughout their stay at UNCuyo to facilitate their integration into academic and social life.


This initiative is aimed at promoting the integration of foreign students into UNCuyo’s community and at encouraging cultural diversity. The event is organized under UNCuyo’s internationalization policy and International Exchange programs.

During this Festival foreign students work together with their tutors to set up Stands to display their culture and traditions and, sometimes, even put on a performance.

This fun and enjoyable event is held every semester and is very popular in the campus.

To see images and photos of prior festivals, watch the following video.


The purpose of this initiative is to encourage integration between UNCuyo’s local and foreign students and to promote cultural diversity. The event is organized under UNCuyo’s internationalization policy and International Exchange programs.

The purpose of the Program is to improve students’ language skills. Tandem Mode is open to all foreign students.