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About Us

The objetive of SIIP (UNCuyo’s Secretariat for Research, International Affairs, and Graduate Studies) is to establish and develop strong relationships with other provinces and countries through collaborative research, scholarships, faculty mobility programs, and close cooperation with major national and international institutions. For this purpose, SIIP units work to build and cement UNCuyo’s relationships regionally and internationally.

 “Think global, act local”


Our MISSION is to build, develop, and strengthen links to promote cooperation between UNCuyo and other local and foreign universities, institutions, and organizations.

In order to promote internationalization initiatives among our faculty we have entered into agreements with other institutions. In addition to this, we take part in academic exchange programs, joint research projects, and different outreach and engagement activities. We work jointly with other academic units and organizations to build strategic alliances with national and international specialized centers.

We believe that to promote an international culture, first it is necessary to fully appreciate and understand our national identity. This is why we also take an active part in promoting local and regional values within the University


Our VISION is for UNCuyo to play a leading role in the internationalization of higher education and the integration of the academic community into the region. We want the members of our academic community to become global citizens equipped with universal strategies, attitudes, and values.