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Inmigration procedures


Except for a few exceptions, in order to apply for a Student Visa, you must be in Argentina. If you need a Student Visa, watch this video prepared by the Immigration Service with step-by-step information. 

To get your Student Visa click here.


  • You must apply for your Student Visa in person at the Immigration Service. The procedure is straightforward and simple. The number of steps will depend on your nationality, your type of admission agreement, and the length of your stay. 
  • The only document you need to get from UNCuyo’s Academic Mobility Office is a Certificate evidencing your registration in the Immigration System.
  • The only applicable payments are those required by the web platform.
  • The system will create a user (your e-mail account) for you to interact with the Immigration Service.  
  • That account will allow you to start the process to obtain a permanent or temporary residence or any other category applicable under current legislation.
  • To apply for a residence online you must be in Argentina. The system may ask you to give proof of your legal entrance to the country (e.g. stamped passport or similar evidence). 
  • The system will ask for an e-mail address. Remember to check this e-mail account regularly to receive information on the status of your application. The Immigration Service will also use this e-mail account to inform you of the date of your appointment at the corresponding immigration office.
  • Be ready to produce all required documents and information.
  • During the process, you will need to attach pictures of your documents. You can use scanned images or cell-phone photos. The system will tell you how to upload them.
  • The application process already includes a step to apply for a Criminal Record certificate. Therefore, you do not need to complete this procedure elsewhere.
  • You can make payment in cash or using a credit card. If you chose to use a credit card, keep it ready to complete all needed information.
  • If you chose to pay in cash, you must know that fees for criminal record certificates must be paid at Bapro Pagos or Banco Nación, while National Identity Document[C1]  (DNI) fees must be paid at Banco Provincia or Provincia Net.
  • Remember that credit card payments are processed immediately, while cash payments take 5 business days. Therefore, online procedures are completed faster if you pay with a credit card.
  • Applicable fees are detailed in the List of Immigration Fees of the Remote Filing System.
  • Your application will be processed only after all applicable fees have been duly paid. Once you get your visa, remember to send it to:


Immigration Advice:

You can send us an e-mail (, call (0054 261) 4 494152 or visit our offices from Monday through Wednesday from 10 AM to 1 PM (Oficina de Movilidad Académica, CICUNC – South Wing) and from 3 PM to 5 PM (Anexo de Rectorado building, 1st floor, Office 14).

No Immigration Advice is offered on days/TIMES OTHER than the ones stated above.