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If you are studying abroad and you wish to come on a short academic visit to UNCuyo, we have different programs for foreign students:

  • Bilateral Agreements: Bilateral agreements are the most frequently used alternative. UNCuyo has entered into agreements with different foreign universities. The other university has to formally nominate the student.  
  • PILA and AUGM Exchange Programs: These are joint programs run by universities linked together in a network. Every year, each Program defines the requirements of their joint exchange programs. The other university has to formally nominate the student.  
  • INDEPENDENT Exchange: This alternative is for students of foreign universities that don’t have an agreement with UNCuyo. To start the application process to study in Mendoza, students must contact the Academic Mobility Department. Learn more about this option and applicable fees by downloading the corresponding Rules here.

If you want to attend UNCuyo as a full-time student (i.e. to start and complete your studies in Mendoza), contact the school or college you wish to attend. The Secretariat of Research, International Relations, and Graduate Studies (SIIP) only gives advice on visas but does not handle enrollment and registration procedures for foreign students who want to become full-time UNCuyo students.