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An Ecuadorian Delegation starts a PhD. at the University

It’s a group of 32 people who will carry out a PhD in Educational Sciences at the Faculty of Philosophy and Languages. From this experience, the University opens its doors to the academic international cooperation regarding Postgraduate Courses.

27 de marzo de 2020, 12:47.

An Ecuadorian Delegation starts a PhD. at the University

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A group of 32 Ecuadorians will study the international modality of the PhD in Educational Sciences at the UNCuyo, thanks to an agreement with FUNDEFA, organism which is supported by the Ministry of Education of Ecuador, which fosters the development of postgraduate courses abroad.

In Ecuador, it is a requirement for all university employees and professors to hold a PhD. This initiative, which seeks to increase the academic and scientific level and give professional status to the public management, has come from an increasing interest from Ecuador in destines of academic quality and international prestige. 

In 2019, the CEO of FUNDEFA, María Alejandra Salazar Rodríguez, travelled to Mendoza so as to search for PhDs of interest for Ecuadorians. The Secretariat for Research, International Relations and Postgraduate Courses (SIIP) prepared the schedule and accompanied her to the visits to the different Faculties.

After the redesign so as to respond the necessities of the Ecuadorian applicants, the international collaboration was formalized with the signing of 3 specific agreements: PhD in Educational Sciences, Economic Sciences and Law. The first of them “hosts” the international group which will start in March. 

Over the last 10 years, the University has notoriously increased its Ecuadorian community regarding undergraduate degrees and it keeps adding more members to its postgraduate courses. The signing of agreements continues, so a higher number of Ecuadorians can be expected on the campus.   

An International PhD 

The lessons of this modality will consist on face-to-face and intensive classes (morning, afternoon and evening) during two weeks twice a year.

Besides, the students will have virtual support as regards the execution of activities and the evaluation of contents. For their final defense of thesis, they will have to travel to Argentina since graduating here is a requirement. 

With this group of PhD students, the UNCuyo consolidates its global positioning and opens its doors to the academic international cooperation regarding postgraduate courses.

Welcome at the UNCuyo

In the room of the Higher Council, the 32 PhD students were received by the university authorities in order to start the first module of classes.

The Rector, Daniel Ricardo Pizzi, highlighted the trust in the University as a trainer, and the bet on the internationalization of higher education by Ecuador.

Then, it was the turn of the Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy and Languages, Adolfo Cueto, who emphasized: “It is important to generate and deepen in new opportunities of postgraduate courses: this exclusive group, which will have lessons by stages, prepares the ground for future projects of the internationalization of postgraduate courses.”

Finally, the Head of the SIIP, Jimena Estrella, highlighted this particular case as an example of creation of work and cooperation nets between Argentina and Ecuador which will allow the increase of liaison and welfare of both countries. “The learning will be mutual and we hope to be constantly challenged to grow as a university”, she concluded.