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160 UNCUYO’s students will carry out an academic Exchange in over 20 countries.

This is about the people who were elected for the International Exchange Program of the UNCuyo. Asia is growing as an interest destination among the university students.

21 de octubre de 2019, 10:22.

160 UNCUYO’s students will carry out an academic Exchange in over 20 countries.

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After a selection which included records evaluation, general and specific training, and individual interviews, 160 were elected to have the opportunity of training outside Argentina. As a first step after being elected, they had their first informative meeting.

Sandra Casabene, Coordinator of International Relations which belongs to the Secretariat for Research, International Relations and Postgraduate Studies, started the meeting by praising all of the elected students and reminding them the privilege that the exchange opportunities represent to any university student. Next, she introduced the academic mobility staff, responsible for managing any and all of the 160 travel experiences which will be carried out during the 1st semester of 2020.

Undergraduate students of the UNCuyo occupied the Triviño del Bloque room from Aulas Comunes Tecnológicas of the campus to receive all the necessary information from the academic mobility staff, so as to begin with the procedures associated to the 6 months-stay in America, Europe, Oceania and Asia. Visa, travel insurance, syllabus, and learning agreement were some of the topics dealt during the morning.

Germany, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, South Korea, Denmark, Ecuador, Spain, United States, France, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Turkey and Uruguay are the countries which will receive the students coming from our university. Asia keeps on wining place among the traditional destinations with 5 students who will travel to Korea and Turkey.

About the program

The Exchange program opens its call twice a year and it aims at the internationalization of the UNCuyo academic community. To know more about it, please visit this link.