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ONIES (the National Observatory on the Internationalization of University Education) was created in 2011 under the Observatory on Academic and Scientific Mobility (OBSMAC) of the UNESCO Institute for Higher Education in Latin America and the Caribbean (IESALC). This nation-wide observatory based in our University was created under the umbrella of UNCuyo’s Secretariat for Research, International Affairs, and Graduate Studies (SIIP). Therefore, ONIS’ and SIIP’s objectives and strategies are fully aligned. The observatory was named after Argentina’s OBNAT (Observatorio Nacional Temático Argentina) and is closely connected with the national observatory .

We believe we need to stimulate all processes aimed at encouraging true integration, like offering student and faculty mobility opportunities at all levels of Higher Education (i.e. undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate). In this context, access to detailed institutional information about our University and other institutions with mobility programs is essential.

Rule No. 40/2015-R redefined the role of the Observatory and changed its name to National Observatory on the Internationalization of University Education (ONIES).

The Secretariat of International Relations has redoubled its efforts to promote regional and international integration by facilitating and encouraging mobility among students, faculty, and researchers to meet the demands and expectations of globalized higher education. For this purpose, the Observatory has set the following objectives:

  • To gather and assess information from all our academic units in order to build international cooperation strategies between UNCuyo and other Latin American universities.
  • To engage in promotion activities for other public universities to become members of the Observatory.
  • To carry out a continuous assessment of the internationalization processes implemented by other Argentine universities and their impact on higher education policies both in the region and internationally.
  • To use our findings to prepare technical reports to inform decision-making processes. 
  • To organize scientific meetings to communicate research findings so as to stimulate in-depth discussions, formulate joint proposals, and/or reach innovative solutions.
  • To date, the Observatory is made up of the following members: public universities from South and Northwest Argentina, the area known as Litoral, San Luis, Catamarca, and the University of La Plata. The Observatory is working to collect, analyze, and present information to assess the current situation in terms of academic and scientific mobility (i.e. including economic, financial, social, and cultural aspects, recognition of prior learning, and diplomas), levels of Higher Education, and decision-making processes. The ultimate objective is to improve the quality of education.  

Postal Address:

Secretaría de Investigación, Internacionales y Posgrado.

Rectorado Universidad Nacional de Cuyo

Tel/Fax: +54-261-4494152

Anexo de Rectorado- Centro Universitario

Ciudad de Mendoza- Provincia de Mendoza - República Argentina