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The University

Universidad Nacional de Cuyo (UNCUYO) is currently the largest centre of higher education in the Cuyo Region, Argentine Republic. Here you will find general information about the Institution and its organizational structure.


The University was founded on August 16, 1939, and since its creation, this institution has been devoted to the elucidation of the major issues of mankind, especially considering national and regional life.

Organization and Structure

Universidad Nacional de Cuyo is a national public institution exercising its autonomy and autarchy with full social responsibility, strongly committed to education. It carries out its core activities in an inclusive, pertinent and excellent manner. The government and administration of the University is the responsibility of the University Assembly, the Superior Council and the Rector.

Academic Units and Programs

UNCUYO is composed of 12 faculties, all of them located in Mendoza. They offer undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate studies. The University also runs three Institutes: Balseiro Institute in Bariloche (Rio Negro Province), Technological University Institute (ITU) with branches all around the territory of Mendoza Province and the University Institute of Public Security.

Student Services

In addition, UNCUYO offers services and benefits complementary to academic life that aim to improve the quality of life of the university ...