Universidad Nacional de Cuyo is located in Mendoza, the largest city in western Argentina with an estimated population of 1.7 million people. The province of Mendoza is 1,100 km away from Buenos Aires, the capital city of the country. On the west, The Andes serve as the natural border between Mendoza and the Republic of Chile.


Mendoza is world renowned for its wine, ski resorts, and mountains, being Mt. Aconcagua with its 6,962 m. height, the highest peak in America. Going on adventure tours and visiting wineries are attractions that visitors should not miss.

UNCuyo also includes Instituto Balseiro which is located 9.5 km away from Bariloche, just in the Bariloche Atomic Center, province of Rio Negro, Argentine Patagonia.


Mendoza is held in the highest regard for its artistic and cultural events. Its convenient location allows a constant flow of artists from all over the world. The city gives birth and receives prominent native and foreign artists devoted to various disciplines such as dance, drama, music, literature, and painting. Local talents exhibit their work in the multiple concert halls, galleries, and theatres which offer a broad and varied cultural agenda to suit the most demanding and best qualified audiences.