Student Services

In addition, UNCUYO offers services and benefits complementary to academic life that aim to improve the quality of life of the university community.



SID (Spanish acronym for Integrated Documentation System) is the name for the UNCUYO library network that centralizes all the University´s documentation and information services: the libraries of the different faculties, secondary schools and technological institutes, the Central Library, the Audiovisual Documentation Centre (former Videotheque) and the Centre of Historical Documentation. It is aimed at the University community in particular and users in need of bibliographical search in general.

Central Library

Location: University Campus – San Martín Park – Mendoza (5500)

Hours: Monday through Friday, 8 am to 8 pm – Saturday, 8 am to 1 pm


Telephone #: (261) 413-5203

Student Health Services

UNCUYO is considered a “Healthy University”. As such, it provides free primary medical assistance to all its undergraduate students. In addition, it offers programs and activities of health prevention and promotion such as “Put Yourself in Movement” and the Preventive Medical Examination. Their goal is to supply students with the necessary tools for a healthy life by means of diagnoses, workshops and lectures.

University Residence Halls

The University provides housing facilities for students coming from distant areas of Mendoza as well as for foreign visiting staff. Apartments are fully furnished, with telephone, WI-FI, recreation and security services included.

Dining Services

UNCUYO Club and the University Dining Hall are the areas where members of the university community most frequently congregate. On campus more than 30 different sports disciplines are carried out. The Dining Hall offers students healthy and integral food, as well as spaces for recreation, meetings and cultural and social events.

Recreational Areas

At UNCUYO different recreational activities are developed as a supplement to students’ academic life. They all aim at improving the quality of life of the university community. Learn about its proposals.

Artistic and Cultural Menu

UNCUYO promotes and generates several artistic and cultural events and activities. In this section, you can access the menu of activities and information about the different artistic groups.

Nave Universitaria 

These premises host the performances of the University’s artistic groups. They house two cinema theatres with the latest technology, two concert and theatre halls, and an auditorium for presentations and for art exhibits. It also includes rehearsal rooms adapted to the needs of the different interpreters.

Location: Maza 250 – Mendoza City

University Cinema Theatre

Universidad Nacional de Cuyo has equipped theatres for the projection of films. The cinema shows started at the beginning of 1998. Located in the Nave Uiversitaria, its programs combine national and international films and retrospective cycles which highlight artistic expression over the commercial aspect.


UNCUYO understands that sports and recreation are the essential components of a healthy life. Different sports and recreational activities at the University Club are offered for the enjoyment of the university community.


The University provides programs to improve the students’ quality of life: swimming, mountaineering, judo, artistic skating, yoga, trekking, acrobatics and outdoor picnic and barbecue areas.


Tourist programs are offered to visit and enjoy different regions of Argentina and destinations abroad. In addition, UNCUYO has tourist resorts of its own: Mountain Cabins in Vallecitos, Manquehue Shelter at El Carrizal Lake, Cullunche Camping Ground and Shelter in Villa La Angostura (Neuquén).