Organization and Structure

Universidad Nacional de Cuyo is a national public institution exercising its autonomy and autarchy with full social responsibility, strongly committed to education. It carries out its core activities in an inclusive, pertinent and excellent manner. The government and administration of the University is the responsibility of the University Assembly, the Superior Council and the Rector.


Academic Secretariat

The Academic Secretariat manages the University’s policies related to secondary education, undergraduate courses, technical training, crafts, vocational orientation, admission and students’ assistance.

Secretariat of Science, Technology and Post-graduate studies

This office is responsible for the dissemination of scientific and technological production, promotion of research, projects, and scholarships for the generation of knowledge. It offers more than 90 post-graduate courses including PhD’s, master’s and specialist’s degrees offered at the different academic units of UNCUYO.

Secretariat of University Extension

This is the space for socio-cultural interaction within which knowledge is re-created and modified in its articulation with society. The area coordinates the University’s artistic activities: book publishing, cinema, museums and eight artistic bodies.

Secretariat of Institutional and Territorial Development

It promotes development in accordance with the community’s needs and the strategic goals of the region and of the country. This action is carried out from the different areas of the Secretariat: Technological and Socio-Productive, Entrepreneurship Development, Project Financing, Territorial Development and Multi-disciplinary Institutes.

Secretariat of University Welfare

This area is responsible for the accompaniment of students’ academic trajectories by promoting financial aid, food tickets, sports activities, day care nurseries and tourism. In addition, it undertakes actions that contribute to a better quality of life through the provision of medical care and health-care activities to foster wellbeing.

Secretariat of Finance and Services

Its mission is to cover financial-economic aspects, infrastructure, and services by favouring the transparency of administrative proceedings and the efficient management of the University’s resources.

Secretariat of Public Policies and Planning

This area encourages innovation in political and institutional management and generates the tools for the modernisation and strengthening of public policies from the state and the socio-productive sector. In addition, it is responsible for the institutional prospect under the provisions of the 2021 Strategic Plan.

Secretariat of Institutional Relations, Legal Affairs and Administration

The function of this Secretariat is to consolidate and give cohesion to the internal actions of the different sectors of the University by managing its legal and administrative affairs. Additionally, it supports the positioning of the Institution as a fundamental agent in the political-institutional life of the Province of Mendoza.

Secretariat of International Relations

It promotes the participation of the University in the international and inter-regional scene through programs of research, financial aid, student and teacher mobility and cooperation projects with other institutions at the national and international level.



Within the framework of the 2021 Strategic Plan which the University launched in 2011 several areas have started to operate in order to accomplish the Plan’s goals.

“Gustavo Kent” Area of Social Articulation and Educational Inclusion

The area coordinates programs, social projects and activities that UNCUYO carries forward in accordance with its social commitment. It encourages social inclusion and the enforcement of rights with the participation of students, faculty staff, graduates and administrative personnel, as well as non-profit organizations and public institutions.

Information and Communications Center – CICUNC

This centre handles the University’s communication services (printed media, graphic design, webpage design and update, production of institutional audio-visual content, marketing and advertising) and the University’s public media ( Journal, University Radio Station, Señal U, Academic Señal U and Edicion U magazine).


Superior Council

The Council performs a legislative role (issuing of general regulatory policies concerning the different aspects of the University’s activities), a jurisdictional role (regulatory legislation) and an administrative role (administrative bodies). The Council holds sessions twice a month regularly from March through December.