The University was founded on August 16, 1939, and since its creation, this institution has been devoted to the elucidation of the major issues of mankind, especially considering national and regional life.


The main goal of Universidad Nacional de Cuyo in Mendoza, Argentina, is the development and dissemination of cultural expressions through academic teaching, scientific research, technical and professional training, and the promotion of ethic and esthetic values.

In its beginnings, the UNCUYO administered some educational centres already existing in the neighbouring provinces of San Juan and San Luis, which with the passing of time achieved university level and renowned academic prestige of their own.

In 1973 the Faculties and Schools in San Luis and San Juan became independent university units. Since then, UNCUYO concentrated its work solely on the academic units in Mendoza, in addition to the Balseiro Institute in Bariloche, Province of Rio Negro.