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XII Congreso Internacional Ciudad y Territorio Virtual (XII CTV). Ciudades y territorios inteligentes

The Architecture, City and Environment Network is proud to present the 12th International Congress Virtual City and Territory (XII CTV) - Intelligent Cities and Territories.

This 12th edition is organized by the National University of Cuyo and will be held in the city of Mendoza, Argentina, on 5th – 7th September 2018.

The central theme of the congress will be the environmental, social and economic sustainability of territories and metropolitan-scale urban systems.

The aims of the congress are to:

• Generate a space for interaction between the participating Universities (and their respective representatives).

• Contribute to the dissemination of advances in research, extension and education related to urban development and urban planning, among others.  

• Promote discussion and proposals for urban development, both local and global.

• Encourage the exchange and integration of knowledge among researchers, technicians, architects, extension workers, educators, students, members of the government and society.


• Territory and Comprehensive Urban Project

• Productivity and Energy

• Water resources and land transformation

• Logistics and Marketing

• Communication and Transportation